Study English in a beautiful family home in the heart of England.

General English Course


Suitable for anyone who wants to improve their skills in all areas

of the language. Courses for all levels from beginners to advanced.

Can be tailored for either general understanding of grammar and

vocabulary or more specific training for exams.


Conversational English Course


The larger part of these lessons is spent on developing your

communication skills.


General Business English Course


Courses cover office vocabulary, information technology, law, economics etc.


Parent and Child Courses


This is a wonderful opportunity for a parent to share lessons with their child,

at the same time, learn and enjoy themselves.


The lessons are taught for a 3 or 4 hours a day over a 5 day week. The weekends are free time.

“Carmen came back home and told us

what a wonderful time she had spent

in England and how well she was treated.

Many thanks for all. I’ll keep you in mind for

her two younger sisters….”

            Carmen's Parents, Aged 14, Spain.

Your English language programme is tailored just for you. On our first day you will be assessed during the lesson in order to decide which level is the most suitable so can address your learning needs. Be it to pass an exam, improve your grammar, or general English conversation.


Individual tuition, with one ­to­ one contact is very effective. You learn at your own speed, addressing your own needs and you get full personal attention from me, your tutor.

You can also share the course with a friend, this is suitable for teenagers or friends who wish to learn at the same time.



Gabrielle and Tea from France. Autumn 2015